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My getting laid off, or having my "position terminated," or however I… - Life's Little Wanderings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 19th, 2005|04:12 pm]
[I'm not blue, I'm |blahblah]

My getting laid off, or having my "position terminated," or however I am supposed to describe it was all to do with budget and not me, or so I was told. I mean, I am a little suspicious that I was the only person sacked from any department that I know of. Sure, other people got their hours scaled back, but no one else lost their job completely. *shrug* Everyone last night was telling me that I should fight it and go demand a meeting with Marguerite and Diana, but Diana was the one that "let me go" and Marguerite doesn't stick up for anyone. Plus, do I really want to fight to stay at a job where I now feel unwelcome?

I threw a farewell party for myself, and it was sort of lame, but everyone pretended they were having a good time and that was nice of them. I know that everyone actually did like the apartment, because people kept saying how nice it all was. I think it's just that I've started to live like a grown up, things are nice and mostly clean. Nothing looks like a dorm room, excluding my Ikea couch which I actually like because simple linear design suits me. But yeah. A moderately good time was had by all I think. Neither John nor Brian came. Brian of course has good reason living so far away, but John stayed at home to (as Casey put it) "laze around in bed and watch Sid & Nancy on DVD." Thank you, John.

Tonight I am going to go see Harry Potter with Sarah and Sally. I think we will have to stand in a very long line to get good seats, but seeing as how I have some major cramps I don't think I will mind pitching my ass on the floor for a while.

[User Picture]From: naporeon
2005-11-27 03:24 pm (UTC)
OMG...Dumbledore kills Snape! ;-)

Sorry to hear about work, M. To be honest, I don't remember exactly what you were doing, or where you were doing it at, but losing your job always stinks. At my very first job, building/servicing computers at good ol' P.O.E., I was laid off...by my best friend at the time. That really stunk. I still can't believe that they made him do that. Oh well.

Other than the obvious, what's up with you? I haven't really spoken to you in forever. Hope things are well.

P.S. I seem to remember you saying something about MySpace, in the past. If you're still on there, I'm at http://www.myspace.com/noclevertitle.
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[User Picture]From: angelgirl0206
2005-11-27 11:39 pm (UTC)
Dumbledore SHOULD have killed Snape, it would have.... well, spoiler, but you know what I'm getting at. Did you see the movie?

I was costuming the rep. company at my old school. It was good work man, and really good friends.

Hm. Well, the no work thing was the big event. Romantically there is nothing other than I seem to be especially talented at attracting men who already have girlfriends. Social scene; I've become a bit of a low key party girl in that I have been attending quite a few, but I don't beer bong or dance on tables..... other than all that, I'm just in limbo, I suppose.

I friended you. :)
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